Advanced dive planner for technical divers
Why choose TecDive?
Simple, but feature-rich
Easy to start. Shortcuts for contingency plans. Full control over each parameter of a profile
Works everywhere
Plan your dives in advance at home on a computer, then check your profile on a boat using a smartphone
Visual representation
Get all information for any moment of a dive on a very detailed graph
Advanced dive planning
Plan dives of any complexity. Use smart functions to easily create contingency plans, based on your main profile, for emergency situations, including longer bottom time or gas loss.
Accessible everywhere on any device
Use any convenient device. Laptop, tablet or phone - Tecdive works equally well on any screen. At any time you have an access to all your planned dives online!
Profile chart
Look at your planned profile on an informative chart,
that graphically represents depth, time, ceiling, gas usage and other useful indicators.
Keep dive planning process under control
Register for free and start to plan